Shooters Source SFS Shotgun QD Sling Attachment Mount


Shooters Source SFS Shotgun QD Sling Attachment Mount. A great addition to the Tactical Shotgunner, Breacher or Hunter



Shooters Source SFS Shotgun QD Sling Attachment Mount. A great addition to the Tactical Shotgunner, Breacher or Hunter

The SFS QD mount allows you to quickly mount/unmount your sling with the push of a button with your QD enabled sling to your Tactical Shotgun just like your Tactical Rifle.

Includes: SFS Front Sling Mount and low profile rear stock mount

Household tools needed for installation: Drill, 1/2" drill bit, 1/4" Allen Wrench, 5/8" wrench.

Installation: Make sure gun is unloaded! Remove existing magazine tube nut and slide the SFS over the threaded portion of the magazine tube. Orientate the QD to the position you want. Re-install the magazine tube nut and tighten. For the rear low profile QD: Remove buttstock pad. Drill a 1/2" hole in the buttstock (make sure you can get the wrench inside of the stock to line up with your hole location). Insert the QD mount and from the inside of the stock, screw on the nut. Tighten the nut, but don't over tighten. Replace buttstock pad.



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  1. Complete set. All you need

    By Adam August 07, 2016

    I stopped running the Nordic tube clamp and needed a place to attach a sling to the front of my M1. This worked perfectly. I happy to see that it also includes second screw in QD socket for your buttstock. The rear one is quite a bit more robust that the Noveske one that was in my stock.

  2. Damn shotgun slings

    By Dave Horn July 26, 2016

    Shotguns weren't meant to be slung, but nobody told 3 gun match directors that, so we have to figure out a way to do it. This is probably the best solution I've come up with. It's really slick and eliminates the need for a barrel clamp to mount a sling.

  3. Hard to believe it works this well

    By Mark S October 29, 2015

    I was in need of a quick fix to sling my shotgun for Blue Ridge 2015. I don't use the mag clamp because I have notices some point of impact issues with slugs (real or perceived). This little device made quick work of getting me sling ready. I could see the frond piece weakening over time as it is exposed but at this price who cares?

  4. Sling-Up!

    By RyanM82 September 09, 2015

    This is the slickest little device for slinging your shotgun! Don't get caught at a Horner match without it! Low-profile, and no need to run a clamp!

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